The different types of sports betting options available

by admin on January 3, 2013

hot-shots-slotsSports betting is the term generally used to refer to gambling on all sports outside of horse racing, but this means that there are a lot of different types of sports and types of betting that come under this handle. Perhaps the most popular form of sports betting in Canada is baseball betting, which reflects the huge popularity of that game in this country, where it is probably rivaled only by online casino gaming when it comes to leisure activities in the modern era. Indeed many of the online casino companies are producing baseball-themed games, such as the game Hot Shot in, to allow people to combine these two passions. What better way to explore the world of gambling than through the joy that is baseball.

Ways of making a bet

Essentially, when it comes to sports betting, there are four main ways of going about placing a bet – bookmakers, betting exchange, spread betting and the tote. There is no question that bookmakers – whether they are online in a casino or a sports betting site or in a land-based establishment – are the most favoured means for most sports betters. If you use a bookmaker you bet according to the odds estimated by them, while with spread betting – which is now gaining considerably in popularity – you place your bet while the firm you are placing it with lays down a counter bet.

On the other hand, an online betting exchange sees you put your bet on a specialist website for it to be accepted by another punter who likes the terms. Both sides put their cash down with the website at this point, with the site taking a percentage once the result is known.

This type of bet can be compared to an old-fashioned wager between friends on the result of a sports contest, with the difference that money is put down in advance, and the site or ‘exchange’ acts as a third party broker, while claiming a certain amount of the money at the end of the contest. Perhaps just playing a baseball themed slot is the best way to go after all.

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